private label cosmetics


We follow the cosmetic trends very closely but always try to be in front of the trends. New products should be innovative, effective and fit perfectly into you range of private label cosmetics or cosmetic brand. From the lotion to the packaging, we can offer a complete finished cosmetic product for your brand or private label. All of our products can be adjusted to meet your needs, wishes and requirements. Next to the compulsory cosmetic file we can set up different tests when desired to substantiate claims.

hand & nail care

Current range

The hand and nail care products bring comfort, bliss and purity to your nails and hands. But most of all, the range of products make your hands and nails look healthy and beautiful.

Current range
  • ---- Nail polish remover (lotion, pads or wipes), 0% alcohol / 0% acetone
  • ---- Hand scrub
  • ---- Hand foam
  • ---- Hand cream
  • ---- Cuticle care
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body care

Current range

Our body should be taken care of every day. The body care products all have the purpose to moisturize and improve the total body's feel and look.

Current range
  • ---- Body lotion
  • ---- Body scrub
  • ---- Beautiful leg lotion
  • ---- Smoothing body lotion (lotion, wipes and convenient gloves)
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facial care

Current range

The face is one of the first thing people notice. The facial care products clean, restore, regenerate and protect the skin against external aggressions.

Current range
  • ---- Day / night cream
  • ---- BB cream
  • ---- Facial scrub
  • ---- Cleaning foam
  • ---- Facial mask
  • ---- Make up remover wipes
  • ---- Eye make up remover pads
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personal hygiene

Current range

The personal hygiene products all clean and nourish the special parts of your body. Personal hygiene is not only important to look or smell good but most of all to feel confident.

Current range
  • ---- Hydrating cleaning feet wipes
  • ---- Intimate care wipes
  • ---- Refreshing deo wipes
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